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I’m a leadership and business book ghostwriter. A friend and agency owner asked me to ghostwrite his business book. I said yes. I published my own first book in 2009 and others after that. It was through these books that I mastered the book creation process.
After my first book appeared, people came to me to have me speak and give presentations at colleges, museums, and universities. And then I went on to help dozens of people with their books by teaching them or collaborating with them to finish their book. All along the way, I incorporated what I learned from the Newfield Network to ask deep questions and engage in mind-opening conversations with my clients.
The reason leaders turn to me for book facilitation is what one client called my “trifecta” of marketing background, business acumen, and writing experience. I’m not just your editor. I’m your book doctor and collaborator. I ask the questions you don’t know to ask of yourself in order to deepen your topic, connect deeply with your readers and provide value for the benefit of others.
I believe in serving those who aim to improve humanity and those who have big ideas and need a bigger audience for them. That’s why I do this work.
Over the years, I’ve worked on marketing, writing, and web projects for the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. General Accountability Office, and the American Red Cross.
Now I combine my marketing, business, and writing knowledge with my proprietary book creation process, so leaders can build authority and engage with more people.
I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband (a novelist on Crown Publishers) and my daughter (a novelist on Google Docs). The cat hasn’t done a darned thing. I enjoy reading books, taking walks, and eating Vietnamese summer eggrolls.


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