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I was born on August 30th 1976 in Vlaardingen in The Netherlands. We lived in Maassluis, close to Rotterdam, where my father worked as a teacher in high school. My mother stopped working when she had me. My brother Ralf was born on August 5th 1978 in Vlaardingen as well. When my father was offered a job in Alkmaar in 1980 we moved to Bergen with the whole family. We used to go to the forest and beach a lot (walking the dog with my dad). I played tennis at the time and practiced a lot with my father, who was also a tennis teacher. I went to primary, and later secondary school in Bergen and at the age of 13 I went to high school in Alkmaar. I biked to Alkmaar every day. I spent 6 years in high school and got my “VWO” degree when I was 19. This degree allowed me to study at university. I went to the “University of Amsterdam” to study Economics and quit after a couple of months to continue my study at a business school in Alkmaar. At this business school I studied Marketing. In 1990 my parents got divorced and my mom moved back to Amsterdam. I decided to do an internship abroad for 6 months in Aruba and another six months as an exchange student in Valencia (Spain). I received my Marketing degree in 1998 and decided to continue studying in Amsterdam. The experiences abroad had triggered an interest in foreign national cultures and how they influence a work environment. I continued my study in Amsterdam at the “Vrije Universiteit” in the field of organizational anthropology. At this time I also moved to Amsterdam to live in a student room. In 1998 I met my girlfriend Nanine. Nanine lived in Alkmaar and studied in Amsterdam at the time. The next 3 years I built up my life in Amsterdam. I went to the gym several times a week I graduated from the “Vrije Universiteit” in 2001 and through the student job I had decided to apply for a job at KLM. I started my first job as project manager, after having travelled through South-East Asia for 3 months with Nanine (she graduated in 2001 as well).. After having worked for different departments at KLM I ended up in the e-business part of the organization for a few years. During my time at KLM Nanine and I travelled a lot, because of the employee benefits I received. We also moved together in an apartment in ‘De Pijp” in Amsterdam. We have seen many places around the world before we decided start a family. In 2007 my son Joran was born. In the meanwhile we had moved to Amstelveen (next to Amsterdam) in order to facilitate the extended family setting. Nanine found a job as manager of a daycare center in Amstelveen and would take Joran with her when she was working (3 days a week). In 2010 my daughter Loïs was born. Nanine also took her to her work in the first year(s). We moved to Bergen, where I currently live, in 2011, just before Joran started school. The natural environment and the facts that both Nanine’s and my family live there were important factors for us to decide to move to Bergen. Nanine found a job as regional head of a daycare center and I started working at adidas in Amsterdam. Loïs started pre-school at the age of 2 and moved to the same primary school as Joran when she turned 4. I picked up the tennis again (I stopped it later) and started mountain biking as well. Schoorl, next to Bergen, is home to one of the most popular mountain bike tracks in The Netherlands. I also try to visit the gym at work at least once a week. I have worked at adidas now for several years and try to continue to develop myself both personally as well as professionally. I learned about Newfield though a colleague at headquarters in Germany and here I am, writing an autobiography


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