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Building a better life is an inside job.
The root of any transformation is nourished through connection to your Self.
These truths are the foundation of my approach to coaching, as well as my own life.
My coaching work supports women who are navigating change at the crossroads and want to grow more fully into being themselves.
Maybe “the way you’ve always done it” isn’t working anymore.
Maybe you’ve “checked all the boxes” of achievement and still find yourself dissatisfied.
Maybe you’ve been doing “what you were supposed to do” for so long, you have no idea what you want.
Maybe you know something isn’t working, but you have no idea where to begin.
Whatever the starting point, you’re clear that the status quo of you life is no longer acceptable. You are ready to explore a different way of being, charting the path forward on your terms.
My coaching guides women as they establish their True North, find and tune into their inner compass, and navigate new pathways toward what matters most to them. I help women come home to themselves.
My joy in this work has evolved organically through both personal and professional development. Through a career in design and collaboration for theatre and live performance, and in education, teaching at both the secondary and university levels, I recognize and hold true the power of storytelling, creativity, and collaboration as a laboratory for living. Guiding and navigating the discomfort of creative risk with students, colleagues and professional collaborators has been my greatest teacher, and the lessons and wisdom of these experiences contribute to every coaching conversation I have.
My path has also been greatly influenced by the fields of Embodiment and Somatics. In my third career as a design consultant and project manager, I discovered how Disembodiment – being disconnected from emotions in the body – can affect every aspect of emotional wellbeing. Physical stillness and the isolation of remote work were the catalyst for becoming a Certified Embodied Yoga Principles teacher and ultimately to becoming a coach. Through this experience and training, embodied learning is included as an essential ingredient of coaching personal transformation. Bringing the body into practice offers an immediate gateway to developing awareness, building emotional range, shifting patterns, and ultimately choosing how you want to be. It’s been true in my life, and I’m humbled to be able to offer this learning to others.
On an even more personal note, I come by my passion for this work honestly, having experienced profound disconnection from my Self in my lifetime. As a recovering perfectionist, I’m intimate with the tyranny of “doing things right and well” according to others’ standards. I’ve experienced challenging processes of self-discovery, and continue to explore, grow, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable whenever possible. I understand first-hand the complexity of emotions that surface when doing this work. And I know that with compassion, courage, and a little lightness, anything is possible.
My formal education, training, and certifications include:
Clemson University. Bachelor of Arts, Design (Architecture),
Northwestern University, Master of Fine Arts, Stage Design
Certified Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher (Trained by Mark Walsh, Jaime Abrams)
Newfield Network Coach, CPPM Program Graduate
Foundations of Embodiment training, Embodied Facilitator Course



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